Max CITY areaA areaB areaB areaC
Extra charge $5.00 from 3rd point for pick up. 2 pick up points are no charge.
Reception       NONE YOU DO YOU DO
LIMOUSINE 8pax 210 230 320 360 390
LONG LIMO 12pax 240 260 360 380 430
VAN/SUV 14名 250 260 360 400 440
Tip average for
  5 5 10 10 15
 Extra charge $10.00 3rd point for pick up. 2 pick ups are no charge.
Luxury VAN 14pax 260 280 400 430 460
Minibus 25pax 280 300 430 460 500
Tip arerage for
  10 10 15 15 15
Please send us credit card number as soon as your booking is confirmed.

We will email you confirmation and voucher attach. you can show driver cell monitor screen or print out.

Thank you very much for your business.
We will provide driver's information and phone number day before night.

Please give to your customers.

We need this information below for booking.
1. Name of church, address.
2. Your name, phone number, where you staying?
3. Time to start ceremony and date.
4.Reception information. ( need ride pick up or not, where we drop off etc..)
5.Customer's name/ phone number/hotel any informatoin about them.
Thank you very much for your business.



Office: Waikiki next to DFS Watumull building 4th floor. 307 Lewers St #400 Honolulu, HI 96815

President: Saeko Miyazaki
Vise Pre. : Kenji Onizawa